Live is giving a chance to spend holidays in Thailand

<pre>Live is giving a chance to spend holidays in Thailand

Mumbai. Jio and Snapchat are going to launch a creative challenge called 'Jio Got Talent', under which Snapchat consumers can showcase their talent with their friends and family and allow the winner to spend a holiday in Thailand with another Will get a chance. Jio and Snapchat have introduced 'Snapchat lenses' that allow consumers to use mikes, headphones and light rings.

To participate in this challenge, the consumer must record a maximum of ten seconds of video in which He will showcase his talent on Snapchat under 'Geo Got Talent'. After this, the contestant has to put a snapchat or snapcode user name in the video in the caption of the video and upload it on Snapchat in the name of our story so that people can see it. The funniest and creative content will be awarded by Jio. This challenge will continue from Sunday 26 January 2020 to Tuesday 4 February 2020. The first prize winner will be given a ticket to go to Thailand with another. Other awards include recharge of Jio. Full information about this is also given on Jio's website.

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