Locals rallied to open Shaheen Bagh road, closed for 50 days

<pre>Locals rallied to open Shaheen Bagh road, closed for 50 days

New Delhi. In protest against the revised citizenship law in Delhi, the road here is blocked due to the protests in Shaheen Bagh. Some locals have demonstrated to open the closed road. Be aware that protesters have been sitting on an important road in Delhi for nearly 50 days in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The protesters say that they are facing a lot of problems due to the movement going on in Shaheen Bagh. The protesters are shouting slogans even though the police have stopped them before going to the dharna site. . After Shaheen Bagh, agitation against CAA has started in cities across the country. Significantly, under the CAA Act, the Central Government has implemented a citizenship amendment law providing for Indian citizenship to minority Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsi, and Christian refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Protests have been going on in the Jamia She Shaheen Bagh area of ​​Delhi since the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed the CAA. Those opposing this law are calling it unconstitutional and discriminatory on religious grounds.

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