Majority respect required in democracy, damage to public property is not acceptable: Vice President

<pre>Majority respect required in democracy, damage to public property is not acceptable: Vice President

New Delhi. Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu while attending the centenary celebrations of Rotary International said that peace is essential for development and prosperity. Terrorism is the biggest enemy of world peace and humanity. He expected organizations like Rotary to create cosmopolitanism against terrorism. He called upon people to imbibe the world philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam by staying connected with their language, birthplace and family rites. He commended Rotary's role in polio eradication campaign together with Government of India.

He said that India's polio eradication campaign has proved that public welfare campaign with the participation of government and committed NGOs Can be made successful. He appreciated programs like water conservation, literacy, adult education, training of poor women by Rotary. He said that the sacrament of Share and Care is rooted in Indian philosophy of life. He urged that voluntary organizations like Rotary International come forward to solve the problems of rural India. He said that the economy of India is basically rural, our values ​​are rooted in rural culture. Asked for inspiration. The father of the nation believed that the soul of India resides in the villages. The life of Mahatma Gandhi inspires selfless, constructive public service.

The Vice President said that agriculture is no longer a profitable occupation, he hoped that Rotary rural youth should be supported in agriculture-based enterprises and businesses and in the rural economy. Will train for diversification so that farmers get regular income and do not have to depend on the mercy of the weather. Stressing on the imperative of peace for the development of society, Shri Naidu said that the aim of voluntary organizations like Rotary has been to spread peace and harmony throughout the world. He said that peace is a necessary condition for development. It is important that citizens, especially our youth, have a positive constructive attitude towards life. The Vice President said that the society expects voluntary organizations to play exemplary leading roles in creative social movements like Swachhta Abhiyan, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Yoga, Fit India, Nutrition Campaign. These organizations should awaken the masses against the evils like social and gender discrimination.

Create an atmosphere of creativity and positivity in the society and inspire the common man to have a positive attitude towards the society. This positivity will inspire our inherent creativity. He said that in today's subscriber social culture it is necessary that the values ​​of compassion, compassion and fraternity should be given from childhood. In today's competitive social environment, rites like social service and spirituality should be given to families right from the beginning. Although there are constructive student organizations like NSS in the country, there should be a deeper dialogue between the young students and the society, the youth should take active participation in social work. He expected that the new education policy would inculcate rites of social service among the youth.

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