Malaika Arora shared pictures on Instagram

<pre>Malaika Arora shared pictures on Instagram

Recently, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has shared some pictures from her Instagram account. In these pictures, Malaika Purple Color Simri coat pants look quite beautiful and stunning. At the same time, his fans are also giving very funny reactions to the pictures. Actually, fans are constantly commenting on these pictures of the actress. One fan commented that "Arjun Kapoor's coat pants are there", while sharing these pictures, Malaika Arora wrote in the caption, "Talk with my hand, because I am not listening. . ‚ÄĚThis post of Malaika Arora on social media is becoming increasingly viral. People have commented a lot on this photo of the actress and are giving their feedback. Let me tell you, Malaika Arora is also getting a lot of headlines about her relationship with Arjun Kapoor. However, both have not talked about their marriage. However, Malaika Arora had said that if she and Arjun Kapoor get married, she will not hesitate to tell people about it.

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