Media mobilized to win Kejriwal, but the people of Delhi are with us: Amit Shah

<pre>Media mobilized to win Kejriwal, but the people of Delhi are with us: Amit Shah

New Delhi. On the occasion of the launch of the BJP's campaign in Delhi called 'Jeet ki echo' in the Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the BJP government is going to be formed with a strong majority in the battle of 2020. He said that "When you support BJP, you support securing the country's borders, support the five trillion dollar economy, support Modi ji, the world's most popular leader."

Amit Shah Said on the Delhi government that “a government of lies is going on here. In the name of development in Delhi, it is a lie to instigate youth in the name of CAA. The entire media is mobilized to win Kejriwal. But the people of Delhi are with us. If there is no trust, then it will be Vijay Arjun to watch the counting day. A media, NGO, JNU are engaged to win Kejriwal. Defeated in Benares, lost in Haryana, lost in Punjab, lost in MCD and lost in Lok Sabha elections. Kejriwal is misleading the people of Delhi. If I say something, then immediately tweet. Kejriwal has started taking less of Delhi's people, my name more. "

Amit Shah said that" The most important issue is the security of the country. Modi ji passed one bill after another in Parliament. Everyone wanted to make Kashmir an integral part of India, nobody had the courage to finish 370 because they are afraid of vote bank. Modi ji ended the 350 and 35A. Tomorrow is 26 January, our tricolor will fly in the sky of Kashmir. Rahul Baba said do not remove 370. Rahul Baba, Mamta, Akhilesh protested against the triple talaq. "

He said that" he had wanted to build a grand temple of Shri Ram for 550 years. Date took place and Kapil Sibal used to stand. What is the pain in the stomach of Kapil Sibal? Within four months, a grand Ram temple touching Asaman will be built. Earlier, soldiers used to cut their throat but 'Mauni Baba' did not say anything. Entered Pakistan's home and wiped out the terrorists. Why are Kejriwal asking for proof, watch TV on Pakistan and beat up the umbrellas. "

Amit Shah said that" Citizenship Amendment is not to allow citizenship. Modi wants to give citizenship to millions, crores of oppressed people. Kejriwal ji, if your stand is that the BJP people have brought the Pakistanis, then you should die drowned in water. Watch a video aired today. The politics of vote has blindfolded. Gangs in pieces, slogans were raised in JNU, Bharat will be your piece. Mamta, Kejriwal, SP, BSP, Congress are all in pieces. Permission was sought from Kejriwal to run the case, piece by piece. Who do you want to save Kejriwal, who wants to cut the country? ”

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