Mix Bio Fuel Le Le Blown Airforce Plane

<pre>Mix Bio Fuel Le Le Blown Airforce Plane

Leh. The AN-32 transporter aircraft of the Air Force has flown from Leh using mixed bio jet fuel in both engines. Let me tell you that the Air Force AN-32 from Kushok Bakula Rimpochi Airport in Leh filled it with a mixture of 10 percent bio jet fuel. However, this is the first time that both the engines of the aircraft were run with a mixture of bio jet fuel.

Earlier one such experiment has also been done in December 2018, but only one engine had a mixture of bio jet fuel. . Prior to the operational flight at Leh, its performance was assessed by taking a test flight of AN-32 at Chandigarh airbase. Explain that in 2018, the experimental test pilots and test engineers of the Air Force Testing Establishment ASTE in Bangalore flew the aircraft with joint efforts with DRDO, DGAQA and CSIR-Indian Petroleum Institute.

The then Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa Had announced to promote bio jet fuel. Explain that this fuel is made from jatropha oil, which has been prepared by the Chhattisgarh Biodiesel Development Authority. In May 2019, the Indian Air Force (IAF) fleet of AN-32 transport aircraft was allowed to use aircraft fuel with a mixture of 10 percent bio-jet fuel.

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