'Nam Chou Trump' has been replaced by 'Namaste President Trump'.

<pre>'Nam Chou Trump' has been replaced by 'Namaste President Trump'.

New Delhi. US President Donald Trump will visit Gujarat on February 24 and 25. Before the tour, the Gujarat government has made a big change. Taking a broader view of Donald Trump's program, it has been decided that instead of his program 'Chem Chomp Trump', it has now been named 'Namaste President Trump'. Naming the program as 'Chem Chom Trump' seemed like the program was confined to the people of Gujarat only.

Through this change, an attempt has been made to give this program a national shape. Gujarat Chief Secretary Anil Mukim said that the Government of India has given complete information about the 'Namaste President Trump' theme to the state government. It will be implemented according to the guidelines of the Center. The state government has been told to use Namaste in the promotional material related to it. An official of the state government said that it is not right to take Trump's first tour limited to Gujarat only. In addition, 'Namaste' is considered to be an Indian greeting worldwide.

According to the report, the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of External Affairs are yet to formally approve the 'Namaste President Trump' theme. The source said that publicity materials such as posters, hoardings will have a picture of US President Donald Trump and America's first lady Melania Trump.

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