NASA's budget will increase to $ 25 billion trump!

<pre>NASA's budget will increase to $ 25 billion trump!

Washington. Helping the space agency NASA's effort to transport humans to the moon and Mars, President Dopsold Trump has proposed to raise NASA's budget for 2021 to $ 25 billion. This amount is 12 percent more than the current fund of NASA. About half of this amount is meant to send humans to the moon and then to Mars.

President Trump's 2021 budget for NASA is appropriate for 21st-century exploration and discovery, said NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein. is. He said, there is an investment of more than $ 25 billion for NASA in the President's budget, to strengthen the Human Space Exploration Program by supporting the entire program of science, aeronautics and technology work of the agency. Explain that NASA wants to land the man and the first woman at the south pole of the moon by 2024 under its Artemis program. Brydenstein said, with this budget, we will remain firmly on that path. The budget proposal calls for the development of a three billion dollar human landing system.

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