Naseeruddin's daughter Heeba Shah assaulted female employee in clinic

<pre>Naseeruddin's daughter Heeba Shah assaulted female employee in clinic

Mumbai. A veterinarian clinic in Versova, Mumbai has accused actor Naseeruddin Shah's daughter Heeba Shah of assault. The clinic has alleged that Heeba beat up 2 female employees working there. The entire incident of assault has been captured in CCTV. The Versova police station has registered a report against Heeba and initiated an investigation. A complaint has been filed with the Versova Police on behalf of the Feline Foundation. This veterinary clinic is run by the institution to treat animals. On January 16, Heeba's friend Supriya Sharma had booked slots for sterilization of her two cats.

When Supriya did not reach the clinic for any reason, Heeba reached there with the cats to help the friend. But for some reasons, sterilization could not be done. After this, two women employees of Heba clashed with them. A video of Heeba is going viral on social media, in which she is seen scrambling there.
It is reported that Heeba Shah reached the cats clinic. The caretaker of the clinic told him to wait for 5 minutes, because someone was already undergoing surgery. After some time, Heba got angry and asked the staff that you do not know who I am. How can you make me wait so long? And why is no one helping me to get the cats out of the rickshaw? After this, Heba was furious when she was asked to fill the form of approval for the surgery. He started abusing the system and the place. When the staff lady asked him to leave the clinic, he started slapping the woman.

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