NBA star Coby Bryant dies in helicopter crash


California. Retired basketball star Coby Bryant (41) died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. 5 people including Kobi are reported to have been killed in this incident in Calabasas, California. As soon as information about the incident comes to light, there is a wave of mourning among his fans. The accident was so terrible that no person in the helicopter could survive it.

According to the information, the incident is about 65 km from Los Angeles where the helicopter crashed. This was Cobi's private helicopter. It has been told that there was a fire in the chopper, after which it went down in the bushes while circling. The crash resulted in a fire in the bushes, which caused trouble to the rescue team.

At the moment it is not clear how the helicopter caught fire. Officers are engaged in investigation. At the same time, the identity of the remaining people who died in the accident has not been revealed. Coby stayed in the prestigious National Basketball Association (NBA) for 20 years and earned 5 championships during this period. Fans mourn the news of his death.

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