Nirbhaya criminals have failed all the tactics, the court immediately disposed of the petition

<pre>Nirbhaya criminals have failed all the tactics, the court immediately disposed of the petition

New Delhi. The tactics of avoiding the hanging of the culprits of Delhi's Nirbhaya case are seen to be completely fruitless. A Delhi court, while immediately disposing of the plea of ​​the convicts, said on Saturday that no further guidelines were required. The lawyer alleged in the petition that the jail authorities were not providing the documents required to file mercy and corrective petitions. Additional Sessions Judge Ajay Kumar Jain said that the counsel for the convicts could take documents, paintings and diary photographs related to the Tihar Jail authorities.

Vinay was given a slow poison and was admitted to the hospital, but his medical practitioner The investigation papers were not given to him. He received some documents from the jail authorities on Friday night, but Vinay's diary and medical papers have not been found. The Tihar jail administration says that there is no such record. Vinay was being given a slow poison, so he was also sent to the hospital. Vinay has made many paintings about that and we want to tell the President about that. It is also necessary to explain what came out of those pictures.

The second accused Pawan Singh was beheaded in Mandloi jail, he was taken to the hospital but those papers were not even provided to the lawyer. Health documents of the third accused Akshay Kumar Singh have also not been found, which are necessary for filing mercy and corrective petitions. The Public Prosecutor appearing for the Delhi Police told the court that Tihar Jail authorities have provided all the relevant documents sought by the counsel for the convicts sentenced to death in the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case.

Guilty only Adopting 'tricks to delay' The whole process is to defeat the law. We have already provided all the documents. Wherever they went, we had obtained all the documents from all those jails. The convict Vinay Kumar Sharma's diary named 'Darinda' was presented before the court. Apart from this, many of his paintings and other documents were also presented. That's all we have. If the court directs, we can immediately hand it over to the convicts.

Significantly, the Supreme Court had recently rejected the corrective petitions of two other convicts Vinay and Mukesh (32). Mukesh's mercy petition was rejected by the President earlier this month. According to the court order, all the four convicts are to be hanged at 6 am on February 1. It is worth noting that a 23-year-old Para Medical student was gang-raped by a group of six people on a moving bus on 16-17 December 2012 and threw her on the road. He was taken to Singapore for treatment where he succumbed.

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