Nirbhaya's mother wept in front of judge in court


New Delhi. Nirbhaya's mother wept in court on Wednesday demanding the issuance of a new death warrant for the four convicts. Nirbhaya's mother told the judge that she had been waiting for justice for seven years. She told the judge, "I am folding my hands and demanding that a death warrant be issued against the culprits". She later wept while talking to the media outside the court.


Nirbhaya's convicts were heard on Wednesday in a Delhi court on the plea of ​​the deceased's parents and the Delhi government to issue a new death warrant. The court postponed the hearing till Thursday after hearing both the sides. Nirbhaya's mother in the court appeared very emotional during the hearing.

She told the judge, "I have been trying for a year to hang the culprits Date to be fixed. I am also a mother. I have been waiting for justice for seven years. I fold my hands in front of you. The judge assured them that a court has been set up to hear you. You are being heard.

During the hearing, Nirbhaya's father told the judge that it would be an injustice to Nirbhaya if the convicts are given counsel today. The judge said on this that the law has given some rights to the culprits. If they are not allowed to take those rights, then injustice will happen. Earlier in the hearing on this matter also on Tuesday, Nirbhaya's parents told the court that those convicted were making fun of the law. It was said by filing that no convict has chosen any legal option in the last seven days, which was given by the Delhi High Court. These four convicts include Mukesh Kumar Singh (32), Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Kumar Sharma (26) and Akshay Kumar (31).

The court took cognizance of the February 5 order of the High Court, in which The convicts were allowed to exercise all their legal options within a week. The court had said, it would be a sin to hang the culprits when the law gives them the right to live.

On February 5, the High Court exercised its legal options within a week of this order in the interest of justice to the convicts. Was allowed to do so. ”Significantly, the lower court had on January 31 stayed the execution of the four convicts till further orders. All four are imprisoned in Tihar Jail.

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