No longer excited about the crowd: Trump


Wansington. US President Donald Trump has once again praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trump on Saturday addressed a rally in South Carolina in the South Eastern US state, saying that PM Modi is a great man who loves his countrymen. Together, he said that lakhs of people had come to welcome him in India, but less in this rally.


Trump said addressing the crowd of more than one lakh people at Motera Stadium in India that he is no longer enthusiastic about the crowd since his tour of India. He said that he (PM Modi) is a great leader, his popularity is very high. It was meaningful for me to go to India.

When there were fewer people in the rally, Trump said that I do not like saying this to you but there was a stadium with more than one lakh seats in India. Which was full. It is the largest cricket stadium. PM Modi was with me, is a very good person, who is very much loved in India.

He further said, the crowd is good here too, but I have returned from a place where there were a lakh people. How many will be here? 15 thousand? It is difficult to get excited in such a situation. It is difficult to get excited by seeing a crowd from elsewhere in front of a crowded crowd in India. The population of America is much less than that of India.

Donald Trump said that after going to India, I can no longer get excited about the crowd again. I love this crowd. I like that crowd too. Let me tell you that they have a lot of loveā€¦ they have a great love. He has a great leader, and he has a love for the people of this country. It was a truly meaningful journey.


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