No one can suppress Kamal Nath, campaign will continue against Mafia

<pre>No one can suppress Kamal Nath, campaign will continue against Mafia

Bhopal. Nobody can suppress Kamal Nath, no one can beat it. The state cannot be identified with the mafia, that is why we have started a campaign against the mafia. It will go on We have to change our identity. Madhya Pradesh should be identified with its simple and hardworking people. This is to say the Chief Minister of the state, Kamal Nath. He said this yesterday in Rangwasa, Indore. He said that in 15 years, the people of Madhya Pradesh were filled up after hearing the announcements, but I do not make announcements. Applause rings the applause, but I am not looking for applause. I am in search of that if you want to work, you should clap your heart. The Chief Minister came to the Rau Legislative Assembly yesterday to start the second phase of Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme.

During this, he laid the foundation stone of development works worth more than 800 crores in Rau area. Regarding the farm loan waiver, the Chief Minister said that we had promised, we will fulfill the promise. We will bring a new revolution in agriculture. The Chief Minister also took a dig at the BJP's slogan of nationalism. He said that it is very sad that today Modiji does not talk about youth, employment, farmers. They talk about Pakistan. I want to ask, okay we are ready to face Pakistan, but first the future of our youth is safe, only then we will be able to face Pakistan. I want to ask the leaders of the BJP to name one who has been a freedom fighter and has been in his party. Will not be able to tell a name and will teach Congress a lesson about nationalism. What kind of art is this, recognizing the truth.

On the CAA, the Chief Minister said that what was the need to pass this law at 12 o'clock at night, was the war going on in the country or did the refugees enter? The ceremony was also addressed by Home and District in-charge Minister Bala Bachchan, Health Minister Tulsi Silavat, Agriculture, Horticulture and Food Processing Minister Sachin Yadav and Higher Education and Sports Minister Jeetu Patwari. At the ceremony, in the second phase of crop loan waiver, it was announced to waive loans of Rs 18 crore from the farmers of Rau assembly. During the ceremony, videos of Ger coming out on Rangpanchami were also released. On the initiative of the district administration, the mobile app 'Shubh-benefit' (Horoscope of every farm) prepared for the farmers was also released by the Chief Minister.

Collector Lokesh Kumar Jatav, Congress leader Shobha Ojha, MLA Vishal Several farmers and officials were present including Patel, District Congress President Sadashiv Yadav, City President Pramod Tandon, Vinay Bakaliwal. During the Congress program in Rau, BJP leaders Shankar Yadav and Osman Patel joined the Congress in front of Chief Minister Kamal Nath. Both the leaders were welcomed by wearing a garland. On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that he has supported the truth by recognizing the truth. Yadav expressed his anguish from the platform that I have come to the Congress for personal reasons not influenced by the policies of the Congress. The biggest reason is that through the campaign of Chief Minister Kamal Nath, thousands of poor have got plots in Indore, their houses will be built which were wandering for 30-40 years. My personal and my brothers' reason for coming to the Congress is being told, that is a legal matter, I would not like to speak about it.

I worked with Lakshman Singh Gaud for 30 years. The way I was tortured for 10 years after his departure has hurt my respect and self-respect. Yadav told about the old days of politics that in 1977-78 we used to do Vaishnav college politics. Sudarshan Gupta, Laxman Singh and we used to fight elections face to face. Udal Singh was our leader and we used to work with him. In the year 1980, we made Yajnadatta Sharma an MLA from number four

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