Now online phone purchase will not be a profitable deal, companies can discontinue discounts

<pre>Now online phone purchase will not be a profitable deal, companies can discontinue discounts

New Delhi. If the threat of offline sellers' buycott and pressure from the government to increase surveillance, if mobile handset manufacturer companies are forced to keep prices at all retail channels including online, then the huge discount on online shopping can be stopped. After this decision, handset companies will have to change their marketing strategy to woo buyers. Navkender Singh, research director at International Data Corporation (IDC), India, said this could have an impact on prices to some extent. If the cost of offline operation is higher than online, then brands will have to adjust the prices on both channels.

Online cost of mobile phone is usually Rs 2,000-3,000 less than physical store due to exclusive deal with handset brands. is. According to data from TechArc Research, the ecommerce channel currently accounts for about 40 percent of total smartphone sales. However, Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and Realme have expressed their intention to keep the prices on both sales channels equal, by eliminating exclusive online launches. Chinese phone maker Vivo last month gave written assurance to its retail partners that it will ensure the launch of the product on both platforms at the same time and at the same price.

Madhav Seth, CEO of Reality India, said that the company's smartphone prices There will be no increase in it. He said, as a brand, we are already offering products to all our customers including online and offline on both platforms without any difference in time and price. We believe that there should be no discrimination with the customer who purchases from a particular platform. Seth said that there will be no increase in smartphone price due to the difference between online and offline as the market is becoming more competitive. This will benefit the customers and they will get enough options to buy their favorite product.

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