Now voters will be able to vote from anywhere with e-voting

<pre>Now voters will be able to vote from anywhere with e-voting

New Delhi. The Election Commission has now taken a new initiative to increase the voting percentage in elections. The Election Commission hopes that this will increase the voting percentage. Also, people who are away from their city at the time of voting will also get a chance to cast their votes. If you are living in another state than where you are a registered voter, then you will not have to be disappointed on the day of polling.

The Election Commission is considering the options to facilitate such voters to exercise franchise through e-voting. The Commission hopes to control the election expenditure as well as increase the voting percentage from this future initiative. For this, the Commission is developing options to provide remote voting facilities through e-voting. Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora had recently revealed about the arrangement that under this system of voting being developed in collaboration with IIT Chennai, registered voters in any state can vote from any other state.

According to an estimate there are about 45 crore migrant people in the country who live elsewhere from their original place of residence due to employment etc. Many of these voters, due to their constraints, are unable to reach their constituency where they are registered on the polling day. An official associated with the project said that remote voting was first used as an e-voting in the local body elections of Gujarat in 2010. In this, voters were given the option of e-voting in each ward of each local body of the state. Thereafter, in 2015, the Gujarat State Election Commission linked e-voting facilities to voters in the elections of six local bodies including Ahmedabad and Surat.

However, out of 95.9 lakh registered voters in this election due to lack of complete campaigning. Only 809 voters used e-voting. In order to implement e-voting at the country level, the project of developing e-voting software was carried out in collaboration with C-DAC by linking the voter ID card with Aadhaar during the tenure of former Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat. An official associated with the project said that the project was pending due to the Supreme Court challenging the linking of Aadhaar with the voter ID card, but recently the Supreme Court had decided to link it to the voter ID card under the predetermined Aadhaar guidelines. Is approved.

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