Obligations of states to accept the law passed by majority

<pre>Obligations of states to accept the law passed by majority

Bhopal. If a law or amendment is passed by a two-thirds majority in Parliament, it is the obligation of the states to accept it. The Citizenship Amendment Act has said this by the state governor Lalali Tandon. He has further said that there should be opposition but within the limits of Lakshmanrekha of the Constitution. If the work is out of decorum, then the Constitution has given me rights too. He also praised the Kamal Nath government for organizing the Hanuman Chalisa recitation on Ram Vanagman Path, Sita Mata Temple in Sri Lanka and Gandhiji's death anniversary.

This comment by Governor Tandon is a question related to the Utpadna dispute between the Governor and the government in Kerala. But that In an informal conversation with the media at the inauguration of the press cell at Raj Bhavan, he gave his views on many issues with impunity. It also said that which party has government in the state, it does not make any sense to me. My cooperation and blessings will always be there for the government to function properly, but if there is any work beyond dignity, the Constitution has given me some rights and duties. No one stopped me where I should interfere.

He said that society and circumstances are changing. Our country is gathering its weight in the world, our pride is awakened by seeing the country at its height. He quoted Lohia as saying that when misconduct is converted into order then one has to go through the chaos, this is happening in the present time. On the question related to the idea of ​​Gandhi and Godse, he said that our democracy can never be separated from Gandhiji. Gandhiji liberated us from slavery. His sacrifice, penance and sacrifice cannot be forgotten.

People may have forgotten Gandhism, but cannot forget Gandhi. As soon as the Chhattisgarh Governor's statement regarding the age of the Governor is noticed, he will not say anything on the subject of the dispute. He also gave information about writing a book on political memoirs related to small and big leaders of Ayodhya and all parties. Governor Lalji Tandon said that the state government is building the Ram Vanagman Path and the temple of Sita Mata in Sri Lanka. These are all works to carry forward the Sanatan tradition, it should be praised. He told that the determination of Lord Rama's existence in this country was also decided by the court.

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