Ola driver furious over Modi's evil, Boycott Ola trend when he leaves his job

<pre>Ola driver furious over Modi's evil, Boycott Ola trend when he leaves his job

New Delhi. The country's famous cab service company Ola has been in constant discussion. On Friday, Twitter suddenly started trending Ola. The Twitter user alleged that the cab driver commented on their conversation and misbehaved to criticize the Modi government. When Ola took action on the driver after a complaint by a Twitter user, people started campaigning for Boycott. While traveling, the driver listened to them and replied that how the Modi government is responsible for the economy, it is completely the fault of the Congress. According to Kanav Sharma, the driver told him that the Congress created JNU, where sloganeering slogans are raised. Apart from this, Jawaharlal Nehru's grandfather was a Muslim. According to Kanav Sharma, when he asked the driver to check the facts, in response, the driver told him to be a member of the Anti National Gang. Kanav Sharma complained to Ola about this entire conversation, Ola said to take action on the driver. And promised not to do so again in future.

After this whole controversy, people's anger broke out on Ola. Bycott Ola trend occurred on Twitter and people were requested to delete Ola's app. On Twitter, it is being claimed by the users that the driver has been fired. However, no such tweet has been tweeted by Ola. In which the driver is told to go to the job.

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