On the Delhi Assembly election results, CM Nitish Kumar said – the public is the boss

<pre>On the Delhi Assembly election results, CM Nitish Kumar said - the public is the boss

Patna. What Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said about the result of the Delhi Assembly elections is completely connected with the truth, he said that the people are the owners. Nitish's party, along with JDU BJP and LJP, had entered the electoral fray of Delhi Assembly. On Tuesday, on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of RSS ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyay, when reporters asked him questions about the results of the Delhi Assembly elections, he said that the public is the boss. Saying so, he moved forward.

Nitish is the national president of JDU and his party fielded its candidates in two constituencies of Delhi – Burari and Sangam Vihar and their party candidates in both these seats with a large margin Are behind Though the JDU was never a big player in the national capital, the BJP took the support of its younger allies in Bihar to defeat Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

Former JDU general secretary over electoral alliances with BJP in Delhi Pawan Verma had written a letter to Nitish raising questions and expressing displeasure, after which he was expelled from the party. This also happened to Prashant Kishore, former JDU national vice-president whose organization worked as Kejriwal's election strategist. Angered by his expulsion from JDU, Prashant has come to Patna after the Delhi elections are over and has threatened to reveal his future strategy and expose Nitish. The RJD of Bihar's opposition party Lalu Prasad, along with its ally Congress, had contested the Delhi elections but its candidates are behind by a big margin.

However, the result of the Delhi Assembly elections may give relief to the JDU in the matter that the BJP Despite this announcement of the NDA, the Bihar Assembly elections to be held later this year will be contested under Nitish's leadership, some of its leaders of the state Nitish's Chief Minister Sector have been raising the question of acceptance as a candidate, can now look down on their rhetoric.

BJP had JD and formed an alliance with the LJP was the election fought last year and recorded a landslide victory in Bihar. After breaking ties with the BJP in the year 2013, Nitish fought the Bihar assembly elections 2015 by forming a grand alliance with the RJD and the Congress and talked about creating a union-free India at that time. In Bihar assembly elections 2015, the grand alliance came to power in Bihar with an overwhelming majority, but in the year 2017 Nitish broke the ties with the RJD and the Congress and formed the NDA government in the state with the BJP.

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