Pak PM Imran's trouble increased over 'Army not afraid' statement, Opposition demand for impeachment

<pre>Pak PM Imran's trouble increased over 'Army not afraid' statement, Opposition demand for impeachment

Islamabad. Pakistan's PM Imran Khan can often get in trouble with his controversial statements. Imran, who talked about India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi beyond capacity, boasted about his army, which has made him the target of opposition parties. He said that he is not 'afraid of the army' because he and his government are completely clean about corruption.

He said that the army all knows who is corrupt in Pakistan. According to Pakistani media, the opposition parties have termed this statement of Imran as irresponsible and even asked for the impeachment motion in Parliament. Pakistan People's Party (PPP) said that Imran Khan's statement given to the army and national security institutions is irresponsible. The party also demanded a impeachment motion against the Prime Minister. At the same time, Jamayat-e-Islami said that this statement of the Prime Minister shows that the army is standing behind them. The party said that the Prime Minister's confession was like dragging national institutions into politics.

Imran had said during a conversation with journalists at his residence in Benigala that the Army was well aware that he was neither making money and Nor is he corrupt, so he is not afraid of the army. He claimed that there is no threat to the government because the agencies know who is doing what and who is involved in corruption. On this, Pakistan People's Party General Secretary Nayyar Bukhari said that the rule of countries is governed by statesmanship and not childish antics. He said, "Imran Khan is lost in power because of his senses.

He can be treated only by impeachment in Parliament". In a statement issued by Jamay-e-Islami It was said that the Prime Minister should say that the general public of the country is standing behind him and not the army. He expressed grief by saying that the rulers do not even think for a moment before making irresponsible statements. The party said that the Imran government has failed to fight the war of Kashmir outside the country and inside it handed over the country to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and made the economy bad.

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