Pakistan is no longer safe for minorities, the man who came to Pakistan's Jackmabad expressed pain

<pre>Pakistan is no longer safe for minorities, the man who came to Pakistan's Jackmabad expressed pain

Bhopal. Mukesh Bajaj, a young man from Pakistan's Jacobabad, says that no city in Pakistan is safe for minorities. Hundreds of families hurt by the atrocities of Pakistani Muslims have fled from there. Neither life nor security of goods nor business environment. no one is safe. Pakistan's highest number of Hindu minority families were in Jackmabad, but 60 percent of the families have gone from there. The youth says that the number of visitors to India may increase after the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is implemented.

39-year-old Mukesh had to struggle with poverty at a young age. He continued the business despite enduring atrocities for the sake of the family, but after all the limits of torture were crossed, he turned to India. In 2001, he settled in the old Bhopal. Here he started the business of making papad at home and started raising the family. Mukesh, who is on a long-term visa, applied for citizenship but had to face a lot of problems. His B form was stopped due to administrative hurdles. Now the intelligence report has also come. Wife Varsha Bajaj is a citizen of India. She helps in business.

After the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in India, the attitude of the people there towards the minorities has also changed. There is no brotherhood. Now even those people who live in remote areas are thinking of coming to India. The CAA tied the hopes of minority getting citizenship of India. People should have full understanding before opposing this law. There should not be opposition just because of political differences. It should be supported in human terms. Mukesh Bajaj states that minorities are considered second class citizens in Pakistan.

When the looting takes place is not decided. It is bad for women to leave the house. Minorities are harassed in many ways. Forcibly taking young women with you by witchcraft. Rape them and leave them on the road. Acts like kidnapping youth and asking for ransom have become common. This is the reason that minorities are leaving the country. It is common to force young women to marry older men by forcibly converting. People are shocked after hearing the news of harassment.

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