Perfect selfie should be taken from a distance of five feet

<pre>Perfect selfie should be taken from a distance of five feet

London. Recently a research has been done about perfect selfie. In which it was told that if the hand is five feet or 1.5 meters, then the perfect selfie can be taken. This research has been done by Jama Facial Plastic Surgery Journal. He told that the pictures clicked from a distance of 5 feet do not show facial deformities. If not, your nose can look up to 30 percent larger.

Plastic surgeon and study co-author Boris Paskhower said that for many years I have heard patients and family members say while showing selfies Look at my nose. This selfie looks very big. He told Live Science about this that I always told my patients that this is not what you really look like. I knew that a selfie distorts the shape of the nose. I wanted to prove it.

Paskhower and his colleagues, along with colleagues at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and Stanford University in California, used mathematical models to explain the camera's angle and distance from the selfie. did. The researchers then looked at the distortion relative to facial features by placing the camera 12 inches away, 5 feet away, and at an infinite distance. The authors said that there is no difference in the shape of the nose in a selfie taken from a distance of 5 feet i.e. about 1.5 meters. That is, if you also want to take your perfect selfie, then the camera has to be kept at the same distance.

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