Personal loan offer came on mobile, click on the link, information is empty

<pre>Personal loan offer came on mobile, click on the link, information is empty

Gwalior. SMS of personal loan of 13 lakh rupees came on a merchant's mobile. The merchant clicked on the given link. In this, the merchant gave information from account number to pen card. After this came the second SMS loan approval. The next day, 87 thousand rupees were withdrawn from the merchant's account. The trader found out that he was cheating. After this, he complained to the Crime Branch police station. At present, there is no trace of the fraudsters, but the account in which this money has been transferred is from Rewari.

Rakesh Aggarwal, a resident of Murar, runs a grocery shop with his father. On 20 January, an SMS came on his mobile. In the SMS, he was written an offer for a personal loan of Rs 13 lakh. On this, he clicked on the link given in it. After clicking on the link, a page opened. In this, he filled his name, account number, pen card number, Aadhaar number and debit-credit card information.

After this, click on submit option. After some time an SMS came again. Lone approved was written in it. On January 21, two SMSes came to his mobile. 87 thousand were removed from his account. When he immediately went to the bank, it came to know that 87 thousand rupees have been transferred from his account to another account. He immediately blocked the transaction from his account. He then complained to the SP office.

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