Policemen are asking for paper in Gurgaon, fear and panic among people

<pre>Policemen are asking for paper in Gurgaon, fear and panic among people

Gurgaon. In Gurgaon, the word 'paper' is scaring people these days. Whenever a policeman comes to ask for papers in the slums and colonies of Gurgaon, then the people living there get swollen. In fact, these days the policemen are going door-to-door asking for an ID proof of the photo. The Gurgaon Police is telling routine checking to be done every year before January 26. Police say this is being done to identify illegal intruders, but amidst the uproar over the National Register of Citizens (NRC), there is an atmosphere of fear among the people. This fear is in the people who are making their living in the city through wages, other petty work.

Actually, this time the campaign is taking place on a larger scale than before, due to which there is more restlessness among the people. Police say that till now they have checked the papers of 1,500 people, but none of them were found illegal. Amid the police investigation, some workers are also forced to leave Gurgaon and return to their homes. One such working woman said that she currently lives in the slum of DLF 2. But now Bengal will go back and it will come back only after the matter is calm. The timing of this investigation is also a matter of discussion.

Policemen are going between 4 am and 8 am to ask for papers. This investigation is continuing in Tigra, Islampur, Samaspur, Ghosla, Saraswati Kunj and surrounding areas. DCP (East) Chandra Mohan, stating the reason behind this time investigation, said that most people meet at home at that time. Such investigation was termed by the Police Commissioner Mohammad Akil as normal.

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