Porsche plans to enter second-hand cars business in India

<pre>Porsche plans to enter second-hand cars business in India

New Delhi. The world's luxury and stylish sports car manufacturer Porsche plans to enter the old cars (second hand) business in the domestic market in the coming time. A senior company official said that this will help them to increase their customer base in the country. The company currently sells luxury sports cars and SUVs such as the 718, 911, Macan and Cayenne in the domestic market. The price of these trains is between Rs 70 lakh and Rs 1.63 crore and at present there are 3,500 customers in India. Porsche India director Pawan Shetty said, "We are seriously considering the old cars business.

Our cars (in India) are over 3,500." This is a large number. We are looking for the right format for the used cars business. The company sells vintage cars under the brand name 'Porsche Approved' globally. He said that the company plans to enter the old cars business in the medium term in the domestic market. He said that the company gives a nine-year warranty on old cars, so consumers get quality assurance.

Asked about the sales potential in the year 2020, he said that it is difficult to tell the exact number at this time, but We are focusing on advancing the achievements of 2019. He said, in the year 2018 we sold 348 cars and the past year was quite challenging for the auto industry, but we managed to sell 350 cars. We are very happy with the past year and hope that this year will continue at this paceā€¦ I think 2020 will also be like 2019.

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