Property Rs 1.5, Registry Rs 45 Lakh, Increased Price Registry, Why Investigation Is Being

<pre>Property Rs 1.5, Registry Rs 45 Lakh, Increased Price Registry, Why Investigation Is Being

Bhopal. Property in the capital is worth 1.5 lakh rupees and its registry is done for 45 lakh rupees. Why is the registry registered at such a high price? It is being investigated. Actually, the work of Collector Guideline 2020-21 has started in the capital. For this, the meeting of the Deputy District Appraisal Committee will be held on January 28. Earlier, instructions were issued to all sub-registrars to check the registries made at the increased price. Due to this, registries are being tested in those places where registries have been made at an increased price of more than 10% from the current collector guideline.

It was revealed that 10 thousand square feet of land in Kharpi village, which is under the current collector guideline According to the price is one lakh 48 thousand rupees. Its registry was done on 25 December 2019 for 45 lakh rupees. Now all the registrars do not understand why the registries were made at such an expensive price. In fact, registrations have been done at a thousand places in the city at an increased price from the collector guideline. Of this, the number of registries at more than 10 per cent price is around 500. All these documents are under investigation as to why the registry was made at an increased cost. Some locations have also come up in which registries have been made at 50 to 350 per cent higher prices of Collector Guideline.

According to the information received, Chennai resident Neelam Raina and Rishabh Raina on 25 December from Shimla resident Dharamvir Sharma in Bhopal district. Bought 10 thousand square feet of land in Khapri village. According to the Collector Guideline of this land, the price came to Rs one lakh 48 thousand, but its registry was done for 45 lakh rupees. Similarly, Mumbai resident Suresh Yadav bought 1000 sq ft of land in Ashoka Garden, Bhopal. According to its collector guideline, the price was estimated at Rs 25 lakh, but the registration of the land was done for one crore rupees.

Now the registration department is unable to understand the documents in the examination that finally the registrar at 353 times the price. Why was it made. Here it was revealed in the investigation of documents that the registries at the most expensive prices are of flats under the Salaya Affordable Scheme of Bhopal Development Authority (BDA). The registry of 10 flats here was three and a half times higher. Apart from this, 17 houses in other colonies of Rapadia and 26 houses in the colony being built in Kalyanpur village were sold at two and a half times more prices and their registries were also at higher prices. In this regard, Senior District Registrar Bhopal Prabhakar Chaturvedi says that this has come to the fore during the examination of documents, at present the investigation is going on. It is being ascertained what has been the reason behind the high cost registry.

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