Quick comment / Arvind Kejriwal's victory in Delhi will change

<pre>Quick comment / Arvind Kejriwal's victory in Delhi will change

In the Delhi Assembly elections, voters have once again proved that the decision taken when the time comes, breaks the arrogance of the big stalwarts. Such people who do not protect the self-respect and interests of the common people, when the time comes, the common innocent people bring peace and powerful power to the ground. The whole country and the world were watching the election of Delhi Assembly. In the last 5 years, in the Union Territory of Delhi, BJP was in command of the Center. There was a conspiracy to bring down the Kejriwal government through the Lieutenant Governor from the beginning. The Central Government gave all the powers to Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung. The decisions that Kejriwal used to take as Chief Minister.

He did not come to Parliament through the Lieutenant Governor. He used to sit with the files stopped. Used to check everything. Investigating against the Chief Minister and the MLAs, by arresting them on false complaints, and encouraged the MLAs to change their positions. Due to BJP's efforts, people like Kumar Vishwas and Prashant Bhushan left the party. At the same time, leaders like Kapil Mishra made every effort to break the Aam Aadmi Party MLAs but were not successful in toppling the government. Even the cleaning workers of the Municipal Corporation were put on the task of toppling the Kejriwal government. This increased pressure on the ministers and legislators of the Kejriwal government. The ministers and legislators of the government were not only forced to work in this odd situation, but due to the skewed eyes of the central government, they were forced to work honestly.

The Supreme Court order gave the Delhi government the authority to decide on its own. In a gap of two years, Delhi government provided mohalla clinics, smart schools, 20 thousand liters of free water, 200 units of free electricity. Free travel facility for women in DTC buses. A large number of CCTV cameras were installed in Delhi. For the first time, the voters of Delhi got the opportunity to compare the functioning of the Central Government, the functioning of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. In this, the voters of Delhi liked the Kejriwal government. For the third time, the voters of Delhi have expressed confidence in Kajriwal. This is definitely honored by the people of Delhi. The biggest feature of this election was that Kejriwal sought votes from the people of Delhi on the basis of work. Vote only if their government has worked. At the time of election, no leader has asked for votes while campaigning in this manner till date.

Arrogance lies-Hindu-Muslim

The voters of Delhi have this time ego, lies of leaders, Hindu-Muslim polarization bad Kind of rejected. The atmosphere created by the BJP against Arvind Kejriwal in the name of Hindus and nationality. Denying the development of Delhi, the whirlwind of lies that was created. The voters of Delhi did not accept it. Announcing the Ram Mandir Construction Trust to polarize the election among Hindus and Muslims by calling the Shaheen Bagh dismembered gang, pro-Pakistani, terrorist etc. and using organizations like Election Commission, Delhi Police, ED, CBI against the Kejriwal government

In a Union Territory like Delhi, BJP has more than 260 MPs, more than 2 dozen Union Ministers in many states. Chief Minister and chief replied in the fray. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and former party president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah roamed around in the election campaign. Money and force were used and demonstrated with full force during the election campaign. It did not get any benefit. On the contrary, the voters who were not taking Kejriwal seriously in this election. He too was impressed by Kejriwal's work and his strength.

The tactics that the BJP adopted for the election. He proved to be a bomb in the election field. The biggest feature of this election was that the BJP leaders did not believe in the utterances and actions. Which is very harmful for BJP. However, the end is good, all is well. Delhi election results have arrived. The functioning of the Aam Aadmi Party government has been appreciated by the voters of Delhi. For the third time, a government is going to be formed in Delhi under Kejriwal's leadership. The results of the Delhi elections have been revealed. It is also a lesson for the BJP and other state governments.

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