Reliance Army to build ammunition with an investment of 450 crores in Shivpuri

<pre>Reliance Army to build ammunition with an investment of 450 crores in Shivpuri

Bhopal. In the Gwalior-Chambal region, the country's largest industrial group Reliance is investing four hundred and fifty million. This investment is being made for the production of defense material for the military sector. For this, a security zone unit is being set up on seven hundred acres. The process of allotment of land for this has also started.

For this, the government had sought a survey report from MP Industrial Development Corporation (MPIDC) about the information of the land and the surrounding facilities, which was sent by MPIDC and Now on getting approval from there, the land will be allotted. This will be the first unit of Reliance Group in this zone. Earlier, big industrial groups like Adani and Parle have also started the process of setting up their units in Malanpur-Sitapur. This unit of Reliance Defense Limited is being set up in Padora Industrial Area of ​​Shivpuri. The industries will have separate units for making ammunition, ammunition and weapons. In which 700-800 people will get employment as workers and indirectly the company has hoped to get employment of about 1 thousand people.

Industries sector will get strength

The main connectivity center of this industries will remain Gwalior. . Here the operation office of the company will be built, which will work on the arrangements and production of the unit. The distance from Gwalior to Padora is about 120 kilometers, but due to the road connectivity being unpredictable, the company has decided to have an operation office in Gwalior. The coming industry sector will be strengthened by the Reliance Group.

Adani Group also landed

Purchased ammunition factory of Punjaloid in Malanpur Industrial Area from Adani Group. According to the information, the Adani Group will make weapons like machine guns here and this work group is going to start soon. Along with making new weapons in this unit, the work of upgrading the weapons of the army is also done. This unit will manufacture Assault Rifle, X95 Assault Rifle, X95 Assault Rifle etc. with the cooperation of Italian company.

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