Saba Karim also participated in Green Marathon

<pre>Saba Karim also participated in Green Marathon

Patna. Former cricketer Saba Karim also participated in the Green Marathon held on Sunday in Patna, the capital of Bihar. This race was organized for environmental sustainability. This green marathon race started from Patna's Gandhi Maidan on Sunday morning in which more than three thousand contestants took part.

Many officials of Patna also participated on this occasion. The Green Marathon was a 5, 10 and 21 km race in which people ran with a resolve of a green future. Saba Karim, who was involved in this, said that awareness of people about Jaiyawu is a matter of happiness. This race is giving a message to everyone that if we are not aware of climate change today, we will have to face many problems in the coming times if we warn.

Government officials also participated in this marathon held in Patna. took. Organic T-shirts were given to the people participating in it to promote a clean and green city. Apart from this, plants were also given to the runners running five kilometers so that they could plant the plant after finishing the marathon and also take care of that plant till they grow up.

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