Samsung launches Curd Maestro ™, the world's first yogurt-free refrigerator, also introduced 2020 refrigerator line-up


India's largest and most trusted consumer electronics and smartphone brand, Samsung today announced the launch of Curd Maestro refrigerator It is the world's first refrigerator Which will not only preserve food but also prepare it.

For generations yogurt has been an integral part of various Indian cuisines everywhere; But preparing yogurt has always been a complicated task. Samsung's 'Make for India' innovation Curd Maestro  ™ is a result of the company's deep understanding of the needs of Indian consumers acquired over the years, and the difficulties of making yogurt daily Fixes The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) has tested and recommended the yogurt making process at Curd Maestro  ™ of Samsung .

India's No.1 refrigerator brand Samsung also introduced India's first Frost Free Refrigerator with base stand drawer in which you can add onions and potatoes. Can store In addition, the company has also introduced India's first Five Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator lineup based on new 2020 rating. These new meaningful innovations are part of Samsung India's 'Make for India' initiative based on consumer feedback and understanding.

Raju Pullan Senior Vice President Consumer Electronics Business Samsung India said " at Samsung we believe in meaningful innovations that bring changes in people's lives. Convenient better storage space and less power consumption are the special features which consumers pay most attention to. Our 2020 range caters to all these requirements. We are sure that the new range of refrigerators will further strengthen our leading position in the market in the refrigerator category.

2020 Refrigerator Line Up

Curd Maestro  ™ : Innovation for Daily Life at Home

Curd Maestro  ™ Refrigerator takes the traditional refrigerator market to a different position in India beyond food storage and food preservation is. Curd Maestro  ™ addresses the problem of yogurt that is complex, time consuming and complicated. Despite this, curd is an essential food item of the Indian family.

Curd Maestro  ™ Refrigerator ensures that you and your family are not interrupted by precious time; It freezes yogurt in five to six hours It takes five hours for soft curd, six hours for thick curd. Here you have to boil the milk and cool it and add curd with your hands. Here Curd Maestro  ™ does the most important thing which is – Fermentation. It will not only ferment the curd but will also store it.

Curd Maestro  ™ Stirred yogurt with uniform consistency every time and eliminates all the difficulties of making curd in different seasons. [19659004]

Curd Maestro  ™ Refrigerator comes with Samsung's Smart Convertible 5 in 1 twin cooling technology and is 244 liter 265 liter 314 liter and 336 liter will be available in capacity.

Smart Convertible 5 in 1 twin cooling refrigerator comes with five modes – Normal Extra Shopping Vacation Seasonal and Home Alone. The conversion mode is not only the right solution for different storage needs but also each mode saves electricity. Twin Cooling Plus  ™ is a truly independent cooling system with separate airflow in both the fridge and freezer which also prevents foul smell of food going between the fridge and the freezer.

Efficient Storage Design and Technology : Innovation keeping in mind consumer needs

Frost Free Refrigerator with Base Stand Drawer

The latest line-up is uniquely designed for added capacity. Consumers can now store long-lasting vegetables in the base stand drawer . This drawer gives height to the refrigerator, which is preferred by Indian consumers.

To meet the needs of various designs and patterns, this line-up will be available in New Design Patterns Paradise Bloom and Wave making the product even more beautiful Make. It will be available in a capacity of 253-liters.

Single Door Direct Cool Refrigerator

Samsung recently introduced India's first Five Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator to new 2020 with Energy Criteria has launched with a capacity of 198- liter .

This model offers a solution to long term power cuts. The model is equipped with digital inverter technology, which allows refrigerators to run at home inverter as well as solar power at low power consumption.

The new lineup offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor and stabilizer-free operation. Digital inverter comes with technology.

Under the 'Make for India' initiative, the 2020 line-up is uniquely designed for additional storage as well as the Indian eagle. The first of the Dar GARO comes with the new generation Horizontal Curve Door Design with Handle . 2020 line-up comes with new design patterns – Paradise Bloom, New Camellia, Wave and Premium Steel, these patterns further enhance the beauty of the product.

Price Offers and Availability [19659036] Samsung's new 2020 refrigerator lineup is available from January 2020 on all retail channels and Samsung Shop. The new 198-liter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator range starting from Rs 17,990 to the price of Smart Convertible 5 in 1 range to Rs 45,990 . Curd Maestro Model 30,990 will be available between Rs to 45,990 Rs .

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