Samsung Launches New Attractive Range Of Premium Room Air Conditioners, Introducing 40 New Models


Samsung, India's largest and most trusted consumer electronics and mobile phone brand, today launched an exciting new range of air conditioners. This range includes Wi-Fi Wind Detection AC 2.0 with Human Detection and Green R32 Gas, Premium Triple Inverter Series Eco Inverter On / Off split AC included.

The new line-up consists of 4 0 models They are designed with great beauty. Also they are suitable for every household. These new air conditioners come with attractive floral patterns and premium strip designs. Samsung offers its copper condenser range in 32 models to meet customer requirements across the country and for each ton and star rating.

Mr. Rajeev Bhutani Senior Vice President HVAC Division Consumer Electronics Business Samsung India Said " Samsung is a customer centric company. We believe in such meaningful innovations that bring changes in life. Our research has shown that the first concern of consumers of AC in India is durability price and power consumption. With its new range we have ensured That we fulfill all these expectations. Apart from consumers will also get Samsung's Best in class technology and most trusted brand.

New Range January Will be available in stores from 2020 . Samsung has more than 2000 brand stores which is the highest in the country and 200,000 stores across the country. Samsung also has the largest customer service network which is available both online and offline. Wind Free 2.0 Customers purchasing the series will get the benefit of Express Installation Service in which the installation of AC within the purchase 4 hours Will be complete.

Wind Free 2.0 Series

Samsung's Wind-Free 2.0 System 23 000 Using micro-holes, uniform air circulates throughout the room. It also maintains the same level of coolness without interruption. Once the temperature is reached, the system spreads fresh air evenly. The design has been upgraded to rectangular from the triangular design of the previous model and with this change the number of micro-holes has been increased from 21 000 to 23 000 as compared to the previous edition.

Wind-Free 2.0 allows users to control their ACs using the smart home app via Wi-Fi. This allows AC users to control the function and schedule the operation while sitting away, along with live feedback. Users can also monitor and limit the usage of electricity as per their requirements. The latest wind-free ACs are equipped with motion detection sensors (MDS) and automatically go into energy saving mode if they do not detect any human presence for 60 minutes. Another option that users get through this feature is to select wind direction.

This product comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor and features an Energy Efficient Digital Inverter which can maintain the required temperature repeatedly without shutting down Thus consumes less energy. Energy saving mode with wind-free 2.0 helps save power by up to 77 % compared to fast cooling mode.

Samsung come with wind-free AC Easy filters that dust , Pollution Allergies Eliminate bacteria and viruses. The new series R32 is equipped with eco-friendly refrigerant which is environmentally friendly. It efficiently removes heat and has a low environmental impact, ensuring a substantial drop in power consumption.

Triple Inverter Series

Samsung Triple Inverter Series with many advantages over various models as well as a large amount of new features She comes. The range comes with a convertible mode as an option in which customers can get their 2 ton AC to 1.5 ton 1.5 ton to 1 ton and 1 ton AC to 0.8 ton. can change. Convertible mode uses less compressor capacity which reduces power consumption. Triple Inverter Series models run on the world's first 8 pole inverter technology which helps in saving electricity and makes very little vibration during use.

Low power Samsung has designed a wide range of high-energy efficient models – 5-Star 1 Ton and 5-Star 1.5 Ton, for consumers looking for AC with high consumption Maldives Split Is a part of the C series. The series comes with larger indoor unit sizes available in 3-star 1.5 ton configuration with copper condenser.

Continuing their design expertise Samsung Has introduced a new edition with the floral pattern – Paradise Bloom – in the 2020 Triple Inverter Series. The new state-of-the-art and stylish pattern matches well with the decor of a room. The latest design will be available in two models – 3 Star 1 Ton and 3 Star 1.5 Ton.

Eco Inverter Series

under the 2020 expansion plan and all prices Samsung has launched its first range of AC Eco Inverter series in India to deliver its product to the point. The new AC has been designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the consumers. The latest ACs come with four different strip designs and feature 100 % copper condenser models.

The special hidden backlit display and crystal design offered in select models is a state-of-the-art and superior look. Provides. The range has a 10-year warranty on digital inverter compressors and comes with turbo cooling anti dust and bacteria filters.

ON / OFF Series

] Samsung has re-entered the on / off AC segment with split AC in 1 ton and 1.5 ton 3-star AC configurations. Samsung will launch new models on on / off series 4 on 2 different design platforms. The latest range will come with a 5-year warranty on the compressor and features features such as turbo cooling mode.

Price and benefits

Samsung's 2020 AC series will feature 40 ACs, including Wind-Free 2.0, Premium The triple inverter series inverter, eco inverter and on / off AC will be included. The MRP of the new split AC range will go from Rs 35,990 to Rs 73,990.

Samsung plans a strong durability offer in the series with its digital inverter compressor range that will come with a 10-year warranty. Premium Triple Inverter Range and Wind-Free 2.0 Copper Condenser Model
A 5-year condenser warranty and a 5-year warranty on the PCB controller will be offered to give customers complete peace of mind.

to make purchasing easier for everyone Samsung has also introduced attractive EMI options in the market in which customers can buy Samsung AC on zero down payment. Customers can avail various installation offers like free installation or installation for Rs 499. In addition, they can also avail 10 % cashback on wind-free models and 5 % cashback on premium triple inverter series through various banks and formats.

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