School open badminton event from today

<pre>School open badminton event from today

Indore. RRMR organized by Raja Rammohun Roy Badminton Academy and Sartaj Academy. Sartaj Trophy Badminton Festival The school's open badminton competition will start from Friday 14 February. In 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 years, there have been more than two hundred and more entries in boy and girl singles. RRMR There will be competition on 6 courts of Islamia Karimiya College campus located at Palasia, Academy.

Competition convenor Nitin Shirpurkar said that for the first time open badminton competition is being organized on 6 newly constructed courts. Indore district winner Khiladi Akshat Nimade, Anushka Shahpurkar, M.P. Several prominent players are taking part including the player of the team, Devina Gupta. National Badminton Referee Dharmesh Yashlha will be the main judge of the competition. The three-day tournament will be played on February 14 from 4 pm. Yonex will be from Shuttlecock.

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