Scientists claim: cancer can be fought by increasing immunity

<pre>Scientists claim: cancer can be fought by increasing immunity

London. By increasing the immunity of the body, we can fight against all types of cancer. This is claimed by researchers scientists of England. The team of researchers from Cardiff University here found that a new type of killer T-cell is also in the blood cell of a human being. This T-cell is a type of immune cell, which acts as a scanner in the body and eliminates any kind of danger to the body.

When these T-cells were used in the lab These cells were found to target cancer cells in the lungs, skin, blood, colon, breast, bones, prostate, ovarian, kidney and cervical, while the healthy cells of the body were not damaged in any way. Area. T-cell therapy is a new example in the treatment of cancer and in this therapy, the immune cells are removed, modified and put back into the patient's blood so that these modified immune cells can eliminate the cancer cells. Currently, the therapy that is most commonly used in the treatment of cancer is CAR-T, which is personalized for every patient but has proved successful in treating only certain types of cancer.

If these T-cells If the attack of therapeutics is successful even on the cancer cell, scientists believe that with one arrow, many hunting systems can be strengthened inside our body. Andrew Sewell, lead author professor of this study, says, "We are hoping that through this new TCR we will find a new way through which we can use this therapy in patients with all types of cancer and eliminate cancer cells." Professor Andrew Sewell claims that every T-cell therapy can cure every cancer patient.

Cardiff researchers have discovered a new type of T-cells. Has a different type of T-cell receptor that identifies most of the cancers found in humans and eliminates those cancerous cells while not harming the healthy cells.

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