Snowfall in Iraq: For the second time in 100 years, 4 inches of snow in 48 hours

<pre>Snowfall in Iraq: For the second time in 100 years, 4 inches of snow in 48 hours

Baghdad. A rare sight has been seen in Iraq for the second time in a century. It has received more than 4 inches of snow in 48 hours. Getting water is very difficult in the Gulf countries, in such a sudden snowfall made the weather happy. The temperature dropped to 5 degrees. This snowfall of Iraq is being called the most spectacular snowfall of the century. Earlier, there was snowfall in 2008, but it was not so. This snow was seen only in 1914.

According to the Meteorological Department, this trend of snowfall can last up to 48 hours. The white sheet of snow also appeared in Karbala and Mosul, the holy cities of the Shia community, including the capital. According to the Meteorological Department, snowfall is common in northern Iraq, but it is rare in central and southern Iraq. Generally, there is a severe heat in Iraq. In recent years, the temperature in Baghdad had gone up to 51 degrees in summer.

According to the World Metrological Department, snowfall in Iraq is rare in February. Recent changes in weather have been caused by storms and icy winds in Europe. The United Arab Emirates also received heavy rainfall last month. Climate change is the main reason for these changes. Meteorologists say that sea temperature affects the connective system.

Climate change has increased in the last few years due to climate change. Its effect is clearly visible. The release of greenhouse gases is also a big reason for this. Gulf countries emit large amounts of these gases. For the same reason in 2018, the weather was unusual and there was a drought. But the very next year, heavy rains and floods destroyed homes and crops. Since the beginning of this year, the weather has started showing different colors. The weather will change throughout the year.

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