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<pre>Start your own business

In view of the increasing unemployment in the country, now self-employment is being emphasized. In such a situation, youth are starting their own businesses through startups. The government is also promoting it. Under the startup, many ways can be started in remote rural areas by adopting new methods. There can be a decent amount of income even on low investment. Today we are talking about some such businesses that you can earn lakhs of rupees by starting at a low cost.

Start dairy

in the village Residents keep cows or buffaloes with them. You can start a dairy business just by buying one or two more cows or buffaloes. You can get a good cow for up to 30 thousand rupees and a buffalo for up to 50 thousand rupees. There is a lot of demand for milk in cities, so the business of milk can be beneficial. Milk is sold up to Rs 50 per liter. For the sale of milk, you can contact the dairy companies or you can also contact the milk vendors locally.

Vegetable farming

Apart from growing paddy and wheat, the cultivation of vegetables can make you rich. is. If you also have small land, you can grow vegetables in it. Nowadays, the Indian government is also opening agricultural centers in different parts of the country, where you will easily get the technology for higher yield in less land. Vegetables like chillies, cabbage, tomatoes give huge profits.


Fisheries can prove to be a good business. The demand for fish is very high in cities. You can start work from small land for fisheries. Soil that comes out after digging the land can be sold, by giving it the shape of a pond, it can also help in raising the water level. This business can earn you millions.


Nowadays there is a lot of demand for flowers in every festivals, programs, weddings and worship. You can cultivate flowers on your land. The cultivation of sunflower, rose, marigold is of immense benefit. You can sell your flowers by contacting flower sellers or companies.

Plant trees

If you also have one or two bighas, you can plant precious trees like rosewood, teak. Well planted these trees can make you a millionaire after 8-10 years. A rosewood tree is sold for 40 thousand rupees. Teak tree is more valuable than that.

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