Subhash's resignation, now Manoj Tiwari's turn, BJP can assign responsibility to new face

<pre>Subhash's resignation, now Manoj Tiwari's turn, BJP can assign responsibility to new face

New Delhi. The Aam Aadmi Party has won the Delhi Assembly elections for the third consecutive time in 2020. This is AAP's second consecutive victory. The effect of this victory has started to be seen in the BJP and the Congress who have suffered the defeat. Congress state president Subhash Chopra has resigned from his post taking responsibility for the defeat. On the other hand, sources are being told that BJP state president Manoj Tiwari can also resign from the chair of the state president in the next few days. Sources say that after the bitter defeat, the BJP is preparing to do a great job in the state organization. A BJP national official said that the BJP is preparing to remove not only the state president but also the other office bearers of the organization.

BJP can assign responsibility to the new face

A leader associated with the central team of BJP said, Manoj Tiwari has completed his three-year term anyway. He was made the state president by the party in November 2016, he should have become the new state president by now, but due to the Delhi elections, the organization elections in the state were postponed. Now after the elections, a new face will be commanded in the state organization elections. Manoj Tiwari, who had once contested against Yogi in Gorakhpur on a SP ticket, went to the saffron camp in the year 2013 and was successful in climbing the most successful steps in a short time. Within three years, he got everything that every leader is looking for. First in 2014, the party gave the Lok Sabha ticket from North-East Delhi, then Modi became an MP in the wave and then in 2016, the party handed over the entire state organization by making him the state president. Many local leaders of Delhi were also upset with the decision to make Manoj Tiwari just three years old. This was the reason that this displeasure became public even while staying in the Delhi unit. Sometimes there were reports of wrangling in Manoj Tiwari and Vijay Goel and sometimes from Ramesh Vidhuri and other leaders. In an interview given to Manoj Tiwari before the elections, however, he has denied that there is any infighting in the Delhi unit. He had said that every leader is ambitious, small things keep going. BJP sources say that during Manoj Tiwari's tenure, the BJP did win brilliantly in the MCD and Lok Sabha elections, but his face did not contribute much to it.

BJP has been winning in Lok Sabha

According to a BJP leader, people voted on Modi's face in the Lok Sabha elections and the MCD has always been a BJP stronghold. According to the BJP leader, the scale of the state president's ability is judged most by the performance of the party in the assembly elections. But the manner in which the party could not even touch the double digit in the 2020 assembly elections, it seems to the top leadership of the party that it is time to give the command of the state leadership to someone who has the ability to compete with Kejriwal. Ho.

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