Successful test of ballistic missile K-4, Pakistan to be targeted, half China

<pre>Successful test of ballistic missile K-4, Pakistan to be targeted, half China

Visakhapatnam. The strategic strength of the Indian Navy has increased. India has conducted another successful test of the submarine-fired ballistic missile K-4 from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. After two successful tests one after the other, India has increased its counter-attack capability several times after a nuclear attack by an enemy country.

With the missile capable of hitting about 3500 km The whole of Pakistan and half of China have arrived. A K-4 missile capable of carrying nuclear bombs will be launched in indigenous nuclear submarine Arihant. With the junction of K-4 and BrahMos, India is now able to give a befitting reply to its enemies. After this successful trial, India has gone one step further towards the 'nuclear triad'. India is working to achieve the 'nuclear triad' capability after successfully testing atomic bombs in 1998.

Nuclear submarines are capable of remaining underwater for months, because of which it is the enemy's spy satellite or They are not in the grip of surveillance aircraft. The enemy does not know the exact position of nuclear submarines, so he cannot easily target them. It may be noted that India's first indigenously built nuclear submarine INS Arihant was inducted into the Navy's service in August 2016. INS Arihant operates from 83 MW capacity light water reactor and its trial has been going on since December 2014.

The submarine has now deployed K-15 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) with a range of 750 km. . After successful testing of K-4, India has now acquired the capability to hit 3500 km. India has now joined the club of 6 countries of the world, which are capable of firing nuclear missiles from land, air and underwater. After the successful trial of K-4, India has now acquired the capability to target its two biggest enemies, Pakistan and China. The industrial areas of Pakistan and China have come under the scanner of K-4.

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