Supreme court seeks response from the Center on the plea of ​​raga

<pre>Supreme court seeks response from the Center on the plea of ​​raga

New Delhi. The Director of the Rights and Risk Analysis Group (RAG), Suhas Chakma, has reached the Supreme Court seeking a judicial inquiry into the alleged deaths, rapes and missing people in custody and in jail. Appeal to issue instructions and orders. In response to the petition, the Supreme Court has ordered the Government of India to file its reply within four weeks.

Please tell that about two weeks ago, Chakma had demanded the withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Act from the Government of India. He said that no one is going to benefit from this law. He said that instead of implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act, there should be an open debate on it, after which it can be resolved. Explain that the government has made it clear that this law is meant to give citizenship to outsiders and not to take away the citizenship of the people who have settled in the country. Information about this is also being provided by the government from various forums. Even after this, protests have taken place in many parts of the country.

Chakma says that the central and state government should know the opinion of the people. Apart from this, he also says that it should be debated in the next Parliament session. Let us know that Chakma is one of those who have challenged this law in the Supreme Court. He also says that the central government should also talk to Bangladesh and Nepal regarding this law.

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