Tamir Society's 28th Award Ceremony on 16

<pre>Tamir Society's 28th Award Ceremony on 16

Udaipur. The 28th Awards ceremony is being organized by the Tamir Society, Udaipur on Sunday 16 February in Sukhadia University's New Guest House Auditorium. Dr. Iqbal 'Sagar', the chairman of the Tamir Society, said that the chief guest of this ceremony, which started at 2.30 pm, was Lakshiraj Singh Mewar, trustee of Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation, Nivritikumari Mewar, Rehana Shabbir, Dr. L, Medical Director of Alakh Nayan Mandir Eye Hospital. . s. Jhala, Royal Motors Pvt. Ltd. The Managing Director of Sheikh Shabbir K. Mustafa and the Managing Director of White Gold Corporation Ltd., Sawa, Prof. Sayyid will be Sajid Ali. At the ceremony, 28 dignitaries will be honored with Khwaja Garib Nawaz Award, Qaumi Ekta Award, Tamir Special Award, Khadim-e-Hujjam, Dr. Zakir Hussain Award and Maulana Azad Award.

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