Tell the crime records of the candidates to the public


Supreme Court directive to political parties

New Delhi. The Supreme Court on Thursday directed political parties to upload the reasons for selection of candidates with criminal background on their website. The court has given this decision because there has been a significant increase in criminalization of politics in the last four national elections.


The apex court says that it will be mandatory for political parties to upload details on their website and social media within 48 hours. The parties will have to submit details to the Election Commission within 72 hours.

The Supreme Court has given political parties in newspapers, social media platforms and on its website the reasons for the selection of candidates with criminal background, their identity cards, achievements and their website Has also directed to publish the details of the crime.

The Supreme Court says that if the political party does not follow the order If you write, then he will be responsible for contempt. The court has asked the Election Commission to file a contempt petition in the court if the political parties fail to follow the order.

During the hearing, the court said that the reason for selecting the candidates should be based on merit , Not on a winning basis. The ability to win cannot be rational. The court pronounced this decision on contempt petitions filed by advocate Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay and others.

Section eight of the Representation of People Act, 1951 prohibits convicted politicians from contesting elections. But such leaders, who are only on trial, are free to contest elections. No matter how serious the charge against him is.

On the day of the order of the court on the ticket to the accused leaders, the BJP stripped him of it: Congress

The Congress ordered the Supreme Court to give the ticket to the accused leaders. On Thursday, the Modi government was targeted and accused that the BJP has made this order today, by making the accused of harvesting forests in Karnataka as Forest and Environment Minister. Not blow proceeded.

party's chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala said tweeted that take it, Modi gave shreds orders to give reasons for giving so much, tickets entrenched leaders. The Supreme Court says that do not give tickets to the accused leaders. Modi ji says make him a minister, not a legislator, and that too of the department which has a case against the MLA for breaking the law.

He gave Anand Singh in Karnataka Citing the creation of the Minister of Forest and Environment, he said that he used to say that 'I will not eat, nor will I eat', but the one who has cases of cutting of forests and illegal mining, it is the forest and parish Avarn Department of State will make. First Minister of Food Supply, then Forest and Environment Minister in 24 hours. Cat is guarded by milk, Wow Modi! Who cares about the order of the Supreme Court?

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