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Such tourists will be welcomed in Namaste Orchha

Bhopal. Namaste Orchha Festival visitors will be welcomed with the spirit of 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. In this connection, the hotels, restaurant operators and shopkeepers of Orchha and Niwari are being duly trained.

The shopkeepers and hotel operators of Orchha and Niwari are being taught the tricks to build a cordial relationship with the tourists in a program to conduct courteous and soft treats with the tourists from 6 to 8 March. The purpose is that the visiting guests feel at home and nowhere do they feel alienated from their city and people. All restaurant and hotel operators have been asked to install similar size boards in their establishments.


Public Relations and Spirituality Minister PC Sharma attended Satguru Kabir Mahotsav. Sharma paid tribute to Saint Kabir's contribution in the new creation of human society. The festival was organized in Ravindra Bhavan by the entire Scheduled Castes Tribes Association in collaboration with the cultural department. The minister welcomed the saints who came to the festival.


Forest Minister Umang Singhar will attend Bhagoria programs from 3 to 10 March on the occasion of Holi in Dhar district. They will attend the Bhagoria festival on March 3 at Village Narwali, Avaldaman, Village Salkanpur, Semalipura, Khod, Bilda, Amzera, Baledi, Jirabad, Panchipalya, Tanda and Gandhwani on March 4. The Forest Minister will participate in the Bagh program at Bagh on 9 March and the Village Keshavi and Ganga Nagar on 10 March.


Agriculture, Horticulture and Food Processing Minister Sachin Yadav organized a two-day in Kasrawad in Khargone district Chile Festival and Exhibition launched. He said that in the festival, farmers should get information about their needs by discussing with scientists. Take care of the health of the land. Move towards adopting organic farming. Famous companies of the country have put their stalls in the exhibition. Former Union Minister Arun Yadav, MLA Kedar Davar was present in the program.


Culture Minister Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sadhau while inaugurating Sadhguru Kabir Festival at Ravindra Bhavan said that Kabir will be relevant in every era. He made the society aware of the truths of life with his hymns and lifestyle. Folk singer Padmasri Prahlad Tipania presented the hymns of Sant Kabir at the festival. President of the overall Scheduled Castes and Tribes Association Amrit Babisa and other officials were present.


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