The 16th Dawoodi Bohra World Conference will be held in Udaipur on 14-16 February this year.

<pre>The 16th Dawoodi Bohra World Conference will be held in Udaipur on 14-16 February this year.

Udaipur. The conference, to be held under the joint aegis of the Central Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community, the reformist Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat and the Bohra Youth Institute, Udaipur, besides reformist Bohra members from various states of the country, the United States, Canada, England, Kuwait, Kenya, Dubai, Muscat, A large number of people from the reformist community have been invited from countries like Qatar etc.

The main leaders of this world conference Date putative author Professor Apurwanand and special guest political commentator, author and Center for president Study of Society and Secularism Professor Ram will Puniyani. Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat spokesman Mansoor Ali Oda Wala said that a 25-member reception committee of literature, writers, academics, human rights activists has also been formed for the comprehensive preparations of the conference.

Anees Mianji, convener of 16th Dawoodi Bohra World Conference Told that on the first day of the conference at the local Sukhadia Theater, on February 14, the inaugural session, the prestigious Dr. Us And Ali Engineer Lifetime Achievement Award for literature. Will be given to P. Rammanunni. Apart from the release of books written on the Bohra reformist movement by writer-journalist Shaukat Ajmeri of Canada and Dr. Zainab Banu of Udaipur, on this occasion, a calendar based on important events in the Bohra reformist movement in the last 50 years will also be launched. Kavi Sammelan / Mushaira on Qaumi unity has also been organized in the night in which eminent poets of the city and the state, the poet, will present their Kalam.

On the second day, an exhibition on Bohra reformist movement will be held in Bohra Jamaat Khana which is for the general public. Will be open for two days. In the second day's session, reports will be presented by the Bohra reformist participants from the country and abroad on the work done in their area. On the third day, apart from preparing the future roadmap of the Bohra reformist movement, resolutions will be passed against the burning problems of the society and the country and other social / political evils. The conference will conclude on the same day with the election of the Executive of the Central Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community. With this World Conference, the two-year Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Bohra reformist movement will also come to an end.

The social, economic, political exploitation being carried out in the name of religion by society conscious people since the 70s. A movement was started against the Mewar soil from Udaipur. The aim of this movement was not to change the fundamental religious principles, but to liberate the common people of the community from the economic, social and political atrocities and exploitations that are taking place in the name of religion. Seeking account of the wealth (sabil, fitra, zakat) collected in the name of religion, getting rid of the restriction of raza (permission) before every work by Syedna Saheb and getting rid of the unnecessary restrictions was also a major demand of this movement. Our above justified demand was the office of Syedna Saheb known as "Kothar", Kothar declared anti-religion and declared social boycott with the reformists.

Social boycott is a cruel weapon for a Bohra member, As a result of which that person is not included in any event of the society. The relation of the bread daughter with the excluded person is also not maintained, even no one can talk to her. A socially excluded person cannot visit any mosque, dargah and religious place. He is not even given burial in a cemetery after death. Due to this cruelty, separation took place between father-son, mother-daughter, and brother-in-law. All this inhuman and undemocratic tragedy has to be suffered by the reformists. 70 years after the independence of the country, even today in this technological and scientific era, it is cursed to enjoy this medieval dictatorship.

The Bohra reformist movement is continuously trying to break this vicious cycle, gaining democratic and human rights in the last 50 years. While the fundamentalists are making every effort to crush this movement. Although such reformist movements have taken place several times from the end of the 19th century to the 1970s, but have failed each time. But since 1970, the Bohra Youth Movement started from Udaipur became a widespread movement and continues to this day.

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