The country's giant Tata and Hoodi will run private trains

<pre>The country's giant Tata and Hoodi will run private trains

New Delhi. The budget for running private trains in the country has been cleared in the budget 2020. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said in the budget speech that 150 trains will be run under public private partnership. For this, Railways has selected 100 routes across the country, including busy routes like Mumbai-Delhi and Howrah-Delhi. Now many domestic and foreign private companies such as Hyundai and Tata have shown interest in investing in trains.

According to the news, two dozen more companies have shown interest for private trains. More than two dozen global companies have shown interest in them including Alstom Transport, Bombardier, Siemens AG, Hyundai Rotem Company and Macquarie. Domestic companies include Tata Realty and Infrastructure, Hitachi India and South Asia, Essel Group, Adani Ports and SEZ, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. According to the report, to run 150 private trains on the route of 100 Indian Railways of the country, an investment of about 22500 crores will be required.

According to the plan, the private train will take the same amount of time to reach its destination on any route. The fastest government train takes on that railroad. However, to give some relief to the private companies, the Railways will not run any other regular train within 15 minutes of the scheduled time for the opening of the private train on that route. Private companies will be free to fix fares and stoppages and buy coaches and engines from any company as per Indian Railways standards. Companies have to start operating all trains within 5 years of getting the contract.

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