The cranes cranes wooed the lovers

<pre>The cranes cranes wooed the lovers

Banswara. Birdwatching was carried out on five reservoirs in the district on Friday as part of the 'Exploring Birds' program conducted by Vagad Nature Club members working for birds and environmental protection in South Rajasthan. In the meantime, experts on these reservoirs were hypnotized by the birds of Sarskrain, Blake Naked along with many bird species.

Under the program, under the direction of senior bird expert of Vagad Nature Club Dinesh Jain, Dr. Kamlesh Sharma, Wildlife photographer Bharat Kansara A team visited the ponds of Badgaon, Loharia, Bodigama Chhota, Ramour and Bodigama Bada near the district headquarters and visited here. Compiled Berdwocing tax information. During this time, many rare species of local and migratory birds are happy to see here. Members observed the presence of large number of guest birds on these reservoirs and compiled information about its number.

Growing number of Cranes and Black Naked Storks:

Cranes Crane and Ramour Pond in Bodigama Pond during Birdwatching The sightings of the Black Naked bird's waterfowl also thrilled the villagers along with the bird experts. Experts also expressed happiness over the presence of several large ponds of the rare species of large-scale black-necked storks with the largest flying bird cranes in the world, and said that the species are flourishing here due to the vegetation and pollution-free climate of local ponds. .

Saw many species:

During this time here, Radischlduck, Schowler, Common Pochard, Tufted Pochard, Common Teal, Eurasian Vis. Neither, Godwit, Ruff, Vegtel, Ring Plover etc. saw the guest birds. Along with this, the local birds are Kamb Duck, Whistling Teal, Spotbill Duck, Coots, Purple Moorhen, Common Moorhen, Little Grebs, Cormorant, egrets, Pond Herol, Purple Heron, Gray Heron White Ibis, Blake Ibis, Glossy Ibis, Open Bill Stork, The presence of local species of birds in painted storks etc. overwhelmed the team members.

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