The end of the Aam Aadmi Party set on lies and deceit is set in Delhi: JP Nadda

<pre>The end of the Aam Aadmi Party set on lies and deceit is set in Delhi: JP Nadda

New Delhi. BJP national president Jagat Prakash Nadda today put the Aam Aadmi Party in the dock and said that this party will not be able to succeed in Delhi elections on the basis of lies and deceit. To hide their failure, to make rhetoric and to write off the credibility of the country, Kejriwal and Congress have done it under the cover of the Citizenship Amendment Act, the people of Delhi will give a befitting reply in this election. BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda inaugurated the office of BJP candidate Kailash Sankhail from Madipur Assembly today and said this in Nukkad Sabha, appealing for votes in his support. Hundreds of activists were present on the occasion, including Karnail Singh, senior officials and councilors of the state and district.

Nadda called the BJP's leader, policy and intention heavy on the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress, saying that from the locality It works till the country, which has taken the country and Delhi on the path of development with the policy of trust of all, with everyone, the BJP is fighting the election of Delhi with this message. The Minister. The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party are making a ruckus to contest the elections in Delhi, while after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, there is no doubt that the lotus will blossom in Delhi and with the BJP government at the center, the BJP will give its government a full majority. Will make with He said that Congress imposed Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, but kept it temporary and did not remove it even after getting majority.

Narendra Modi gave majority to the people of the country, then he gave 370 in Jammu and Kashmir in 100 days Not only the 35A case was also resolved. Till now, Valmiki's son could only become a cleaning worker in Jammu and Kashmir, but after the withdrawal of 370, Valmiki's son will become a judge, engineer and officer. In Jammu and Kashmir, the funds for the development works of the villages are being received directly by the heads of the panchayats and funds up to Rs 2-3 crore are being used for the development works in one panchayat. Even on issues like triple talaq, Ram temple, the opposition tried to do politics which was thwarted by the BJP government.

Today, the opposition is misleading people about the Citizenship Amendment Act, while Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Manmohan Singh He himself had said to settle the refugees, which now the Modi government is completing through the Citizenship Amendment Act, the opposition also has a problem. He also said that through the false lies and jumlas, for the last 5 years, the school, colleges, hospitals, 1.5 million CCTVs, free Wi-Fi all over Delhi, the Jan Lokpal, the party which is coming out, are far from reality. The BJP government did the work of giving ownership to 1,731 people living in unauthorized colonies. Now the BJP government is working on the plan of a slum-house. Kejriwal should answer to the people of Delhi why they become hindrance in development work? The time has come to say goodbye to the lying, deceiving Aam Aadmi Party government.

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