The Healing Touch Workshop Completion / Blind Children Will Become Acupressure Treatment From Participant to Instructor

<pre>The Healing Touch Workshop Completion / Blind Children Will Become Acupressure Treatment From Participant to Instructor

Udaipur. The Swami Vivekananda Society, Udaipur, on Friday, concluded the five-day The Hilling Touch workshop at Andha Vidyalaya, Ambamata. On the closing occasion, the participating children were presented with a citation and an acupressure magic ring. At this camp, renowned acupressure specialist Sudhir Somaiya of Total Health Solution, Nashik, taught this method to visually impaired children with the help of 15 volunteers.

Siti's Sangeeta Mundhra told that before concluding her children were divided into different groups Take the test, and use them as an acupressure therapy to treat and comfort the patient using the acupressure method Mockdrill was also done for this.

Acupressure specialist Sudhir Somaiya told that in 5 days, the children have to press the nerves of many parts of the body in a precise pressure and manner of neck, waist, extremities, headaches and other kind of pain. Treatment was taught. Somaiya said that his aim is that this child learn the acupressure method and treat himself as well as other people as an instructor.

Shobha Karva of the society told that more than 70 children who were participating in the camp The audio of 5 days training has been given, along with the children have also made notes in Braille script. So that by using it in the treatment of any kind of disease, the patient can get relief as soon as possible. Children including Anita Biyani of the Society, Karuna Nalavaya, School Principal Aubah Sharma, Samidha Sanstha's Chandragupta Singh Chauhan and school staff were also present during the closing. Understood the method very closely and also used it. In these 5 days, these children have become so capable in acupressure that now acupressure camp will be organized every month in blind school. Visually impaired children will be treated for various diseases from the participants of the camp to acupressure instructors. Along with this, visually impaired alumni physiotherapist trained by this workshop, former principal and teacher of blind school, martyr 12 Justin will go to their respective areas and organize free acupressure camps and serve patients and give relief to them

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