Tolerate any mafia in the state: Kamal Nath


Chief Minister Kamal Nath gave instructions at a meeting of senior officials in Indore

Bhopal. Chief Minister Kamal Nath gave instructions to run a campaign against the land mafia against education and mafias who make and sell fake medicines and said that no one in the state will be tolerated.

He said that it should not only be a formality to file an FIR against the mafia but also ensure that they get punished. Our aim is to provide peace with purity to the people of the state. Shri Nath was addressing a meeting of senior officials in Indore today. Home Minister Bala Bachchan, Higher Education Minister Jeetu Patwari were present in the meeting.

The Chief Minister said that after the strictness of the government against land mafias, they have received complaints about the education and health sector also playing with people's lives. . He said that all districts should take strict action against such people. No mafia will be allowed to play with the people of our state for its own benefit.

The Chief Minister asked the officials to expose the entire chain from drug dealers to suppliers. The district administration should also keep a close watch on the manufacturers of fake gutka.

The Chief Minister has asked the district administration to carry out a coordinated campaign against all types of mafias. He said that wherever information of mafias is found in the fields of land, education and health or the general public is suffering and disturbed, immediate action should be taken.

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