Tractor trolley hit father and son from behind

<pre>Tractor trolley hit father and son from behind

Dungarpur. A tractor-trolley hit the father and son on foot near Vagadri village of Sadar police station area in Dungarpur. In this accident, the son died on the spot while the father was injured. In connection with the incident, the police said that Kantilal Damor, a resident of Gumanpura, was returning home on foot with his son Prakash. During this time, a tractor-trolley coming at a fast speed near Vagadri engulfed them both.

Prakash died in the accident while father Kantilal was injured. After getting the information about this, the police reached the spot, got the injured father treated in the district hospital. At present, the police has done a post-mortem of the dead son of the deceased son in the hospital and handed it to the family. In the related case, SI Sadar police station Dungarpur Bhemji Garasia said that the father and son carrying goods near Vagadari village were pushed by tractor trolley coming from behind at a high speed. The son, who was badly injured in the accident, was brought to the hospital after doctors declared him dead. He said that the police have registered a case and started investigation. The matter is currently being seriously investigated.

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