Troubled by unnatural sexual relations, wife filed a case against husband

<pre>Troubled by unnatural sexual relations, wife filed a case against husband

Kutch. A married woman from Dahisra village in Kutch has filed a report against her husband at Mankuva police station. It is alleged that the husband used to have unnatural sex with the wife for the last five years. Tired of unbearable pain, the married woman went to her maternal home. But her husband was unimpressed and even after returning from her maternal home, fed up with her antics, the married woman made a complaint against her.

Her husband, along with a 25-year-old woman living in Dahisra village of Bhuj tehsil of Kutch district, last 5 Been having unnatural sex for years. For nearly five years, the married woman endured unbearable pain. Troubled, she went to her maternal home six-seven months ago. After the mediation of family and relatives, the marriage returned to her in-laws.

Despite being separated for six-seven months, her husband remained unharmed and began to have unnatural physical relations with his wife as before. Fed up with her husband's antics, the married woman reached the police station and narrated the incident. The police were also shocked to hear that. The police has registered a case under 377 and initiated further action.

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