Victims harassed by illegal occupants for 20 years got justice

<pre>Victims harassed by illegal occupants for 20 years got justice

Azamgarh. On Sunday, the Mandalayukt's whip went on those who commit crimes like land mafia, rigging etc. While taking action against those who took possession of the woman's land, the commissioner took action against the illegal occupants, where the victim's land was returned. In the late night of the evening, the widow, who was wandering for possession of her land for more than 20 years, was given quick possession.

According to departmental sources, Basmati Devi, a resident of village Kharshan Kala under Tahsil Martingganj last January 30 Had given an application to the Mandalayukta to the effect that her husband Jayaraj Yadav had died almost 25 years ago and that her husband's share in the village A quarter of the inheritance on the land Gata number 234, 228, 280, 281 and 282 has also been done, but the strikers Ramraj, Udayaraj, Radheshyam are forcibly occupying their land and for over 20 years to free them from the occupation. From time to time, she is constantly circling government offices, but till now no action has been taken in the event of land being vacated. He said that along with his land, his land has also been divided among them by his said strikers.

The victim Basmati Devi also told that the people are beaten up on the demand for their share of land. The Divisional Commissioner instructed the Deputy Collector, Martinganj, to convey the said widow by taking immediate possession of their land. But if no action was taken in this direction, Basmati Devi again appeared on Saturday and informed the Mandalayukt about the situation. Considering it to be disregard of the instructions received from the higher level, the Divisional Commissioner immediately spoke to the Sub-Divisional Officer, Martinganj, and gave strict instructions to take a joint team of Revenue and Police on the immediate occasion and convey the said widow woman and convey it immediately. On receiving the instructions of the Mandalayukta, the entire Tehsil Amla immediately swung into action, but the police force could not be available in time.

During this, the Deputy Collector was apprised of the unavailability of the police force on the questioning by the Divisional Commissioner, on which He directed the police station concerned to provide police force immediately. The Deputy Collector Martinganj Dheeraj Srivastava and Tehsildar Prem Kumar Rai, along with the concerned Revenue Inspector and Lekhpal Police Force reached the village Khashankala late in the evening and all the actions of the 5 women of the said woman, metering, marking, etc., took all the action by the Deputy Commissioner at 10 pm Conveyed in connection with getting possession done in full and done on the spot Went went also provided a copy of the photograph. In order to confirm the action taken, the Mandalayukta himself spoke to the said woman and said that if anyone is harassed again in future, please inform him immediately.

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